Insurance companies

Improved dark processing and faster processes

With the AI-based inserve Intelligent Document Processing Platform (IDP) , insurance companies automate and maximize specialized data extraction to increase dark processing in policy and claims processing.

In this way, they reduce unit costs, relieve specialists, gain more information and improve the customer experience.

 your challenges

Through permanent improvement, insurance companies want to act faster and more customer-oriented on the market than the competition. To achieve this, document-based processes must be automated ("dark"). Despite all the progress in digitalisation, for example through apps, portals and data exchange standards, large volumes of documents still have to be structured, classified and their information read out.

The starting point in our customer situations is often a still (too) high manual effort in input management. Automation is often too time-consuming and inflexible and the recognition rates are too low. Especially if the specifications of the departments are (have to be) programmed as complex sets of rules. This concerns continuously incoming document streams, but also grown, extensive document stocks.

Our solution:

inserve IDP platform + flexible service and operation options

An essential success factor for process automation is the consistent abandonment of rules and regulations. Instead, rely on our highly automated artificial intelligence: training instead of programming. Your specialists or members of our service team efficiently train all processing steps and check the results. By specializing the AI models on concrete, clearly defined tasks, the implementation efforts are minimized while maintaining high automation rates. The work is sustainably shifted from processing to AI and input management. More information

We enable you to use our IDP platform via flexible service options - Full Service, Managed Service or Software as a Service - depending on your situation and your needs. You also have the choice of operating form: from on premise in your data center to private or public cloud - we will be happy to work out the advantages of each variant with you. More information

Your benefit


Short time-to-market for new customer requirements


Higher adaptability and coverage of dark processing


Relieving the workload of the clerical staff - reduction of routine tasks with little added value


Optimal work preparation for the processing

Higher customer satisfaction through faster and better case processing

Use cases

Intelligent switch in input management

  • Separation through fully automatic recognition of special and business-critical documents and transaction types already before input management
  • Comprehensive "dark" subject data extraction of these documents with specialised, trained AI models
  • Fast and complete provision of the specialist data to the subsequent system

Claims system

  • Recognition of the line of business, the insurance class and the type of insurance 
  • Recognition of damage reports 
  • Extraction of the information relevant to the claim system
  • Provision of claims data to the customer system 

Inbox processing

  • Recognition of insurance-related document types
  • Extraction of technical insurance data
  • Provision to actuarial core systems 

Invoice receipt processing

  • Identification of invoices 
  • Recognition of header and footer data of invoices 
  • Extraction of position data
  • Logical validation of the invoice contents
  • Detection of exceptions and inconsistencies

Document analysis

  • Automatic structuring of document sets based on optical and textual features (clustering) without training effort
  • Establish transparency about the documents actually processed in input management 

Application Processing

  • Recognition of applications and the relevant insurance product
  • Extraction of the contained, contract-relevant technical data
  • Transfer of the checked data to the specialist system for contract creation

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