Basis for resilient harm assessments in damage claims

Document Quick Check

Problem: Estimating the volume of damage caused by cartels

Collective damage actions have already increased significantly and - not at least as a result of EU regulation - will become even more important in the coming years.

However, one challenge remains and is even gaining in relevance: the identification, quantification and proof of the damage incurred. Commercial practice has shown that obtaining information from large volumes of data and documents substantiating damages and presenting it in an evidential manner continues to be a major hurdle to the necessary substantiation of claims for damages.

Solution: Document Quick Check

With a compact Document Quick Check, it is already possible to make an initial assessment of the distribution of suppliers, the nature of the documents, pages or even initial statements on the content of individual components of the invoices/documents .

By means of quickly trained AI models and other tools, statements can be made about quantity structures, quality of the documents (visual, content), complexity of the layouts (long tail / fragmentation), relevance of the documents (document types), consistency of the data sources as well as possibly missing documents.

For whom is a Document Quick Check useful?


Injured companies

You have learned of the existence of a cartel from which you may also have suffered financial damage and are wondering how large your damages would be? We support you in the preparation of your damage-related invoices and receipts - from collection to possible digitization and data extraction.

Litigation financier

Do you want to calculate the economic viability of a specific case? Get a quick estimate of the scope of damage of the invoices already available at this point in time. Even if it is only a small section of the total volume, it is often already possible to make an extrapolation to the entire cartel case on this basis.



You would like to represent one or more clients in the enforcement of their claims for damages and would like to provide an initial legal assessment or an initial expert opinion for this purpose? For this purpose, we can provide you with a quick and reliable statement on the scope and composition of individual purchases on the basis of the documents already available.

Experts / Economists

You are working with a law firm on a new cartel case and would like to quickly calculate an initial damage model without having to deal with generating the necessary purchases at item level yourself? By providing you with a valid database, we can help you to develop the damage theories and thus focus on the preparation of the expert opinion.

Your advantages with a Document Quick Check


More transparency

You receive the basis for an early and solid assessment of opportunities, risks, expenses and time planning.


More speed

The necessary work steps are structured from the outset in such a way as to ensure rapid and smooth implementation.

Better substantiation

The scope and quality of the document and information bases for the lawsuit are optimally structured from the outset.

What questions you can answer after that...

...everything around the documents
  • Do the documents have to be collected by the client?
  • How good is the optical quality of the documents?
  • Do the documents still need to be scanned or scanned again?
  • Can the required information be identified and extracted?
  • How many different layouts are in the document stock?
  • How complex are the structures of the different layouts?
  • Which document types are included (e.g. invoices, delivery notes)?
  • What information do the different document types contain?
  • How many business partners do the documents come from?
  • How are the quantities distributed among these aspects?
  • Which documents and data do the clients have to provide?
  • Can irrelevant documents be omitted from the outset?
  • Are there individual articles that need to be evaluated?
  • What is the damage-relevant order volume per document?
  • Can/must there be redaction on the documents?
  • Are there criteria that make processing difficult/impossible?
  • Are there specific details on work steps, effort and duration?
...everything around data
  • Which data model could probably be applied (because of the damage model)?
  • What information is required? How is consistency established with the data model for expert opinions and legal argumentation?
  • Is the document-related data consistent with transaction lists already available (e.g. from ERP systems)?

This is how we proceed together

  1. Together we define the objectives and the relevant questions.
  2. We enter into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  3. We conclude a contract for (pre-)processing.
  4. You provide us with the documents, either:
    - we collect the file orders/documents from the client or
    - you send us the file orders/documents by courier/forwarding company/mail or
    - you upload the documents already available electronically to our portal or
    - we download the documents already available electronically.
  5. Using our IDP platform, we process these automatically and quickly.
  6. In one or two iterations we provide you with the results in a structured way and coordinate the conclusions with you.
  7. Based on these results, we work with you to determine the data model, necessary work steps and the timetable up to the filing of the lawsuit.


These are the experiences of our customers:

"A clean and early preparation of the documents substantiating the damage is of essential importance in antitrust proceedings. If the necessary attention is not paid to this from the beginning, one suffers afterwards from high expenses under sometimes strong time pressure. In our experience, inserve GmbH is a strong, reliable and efficient partner when it comes to the preparation of such damage facts. inserve delivers high-quality, cost-effective and timely results from data analysis."

Dr. Christian Classen

Legal Counsel, CDC Cartel Damage Claims

"In the context of a mass evaluation of data, we were able to benefit considerably from inserve's artificial intelligence. The information we needed was processed within a very short time and provided with very good quality. After a brief clarification of the project brief, inserve's team proactively provided suggestions for any difficulties that may have arisen due to the quality of the database. After just 12 working days we received back the complete analysis of over 10,000 transactions from over 40,000 documents. We are very pleased with the results and would use inserve's service again and again."

Tanja Seißer

Head of Finance & Controlling, HANSA-HEEMANN AG

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