Improving the chances of success in cartel and damages claims with AI-supported services


Antitrust and other damages actions have increased significantly in recent years due to a variety of trends and factors, and present great opportunities for injured parties to not only obtain justice, but also to recover damages caused by the cartelists.

However, they also bring some challenges that we have learned a lot about from working for clients, law firms, litigation funders and expert witnesses. These fall into three groups: complex document/data layers, high task diversity, and coordination of stakeholders under deadline pressure.

In the whitepaper, we not only highlight the key challenges of antitrust and damages litigation, but also present you with concrete solutions on how:


  • You can obtain high-quality information from automated extraction and analysis with the use of artificial intelligence and information technology.
  • You can initiate all necessary services at an early stage and cover them in full in a timely manner.
  • You can coordinate a systematic, yet flexible project approach.

 Whitepaper: cartel and damages claims

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