More than software and artificial intelligence

The inserve Intelligent Processing Platform is an adaptive machine at the heart of automatic information retrieval in document-based processes. To enable you to use it quickly and efficiently, we offer you supplementary service modules and various operating options: from "all-round happy" to minimalist.

Flexible IDP Services - Individually Tailored

Do you want to process an individual document pool? This is not yet available digitally and is physically distributed across different locations? Under certain circumstances, the existing document quality and the information to be obtained still need to be clarified. Then we support you to the appropriate extent with our full service.

If, on the other hand, your task is the intelligent processing of ongoing document flows, we will be happy to support you with our Managed Services - or quite puristically by providing the IDP platform as Software-as-a-Service.

Of course, an individual combination of the individual services is also possible - to suit your circumstances and requirements:

  • Specification of your processes & data
  • Document logistics (collection / return of files)
  • Document digitization
  • Analyses, visualizations and evaluations
  • Set-up, configuration and commissioning
  • Maintenance, monitoring and support (1st/2nd/3rd level)
  • Continuous quality assurance and training
  • Training and support
  • Project management and reporting

Flexible IDP operating options - safe and convenient

Application operation in the public cloud can offer great advantages in terms of flexibility, scalability and cost - especially for fluctuating loads and special resources required for machine learning. If concerns or policies prohibit this, a private cloud operation may be appropriate. Of course, the modern architecture of the IDP platform also allows the operation On Premise - on-site in your own infrastructure or in the data center you already use. You can also use our services on the basis of all operating options.

Individual projects and co-innovation

Beyond the use of our standard IDP platform, we are also happy to work with you on individual solutions and joint innovations based on AI and machine learning. Examples of this are the suppression of documents with poor quality, special semantic analyses and recognitions or process optimization through predictive/prescriptive analytics.

An agile approach with rapid interim results ensures early sharpening of the requirements and assessment of feasibility:

At Data Quick Check we use our standard tools for analysis and visualization to quickly make the quality, structures and patterns of data and documents transparent. On this basis, the requirements can be sharpened and an initial assessment of feasibility can be made. This is then presented in the proof of concept (made measurable) and proven. On this basis the implementation of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to achieve the first added values and only then the continuous improvement and expansion on the basis of further findings from productive operation.

Your benefit

Availability of all relevant options for service and operation


Tailor-made selection for your individual situation


Simple and direct use of our standards or individual realization and co-innovation


Quick start with our resources and gradual insourcing as required

We are at your disposal for any questions you may have